Are you an exporter of consumer products like jute bags, canvas bags, jewellery etc? Do you want to share your latest designs with your regular and important buyers without the risk of the competitors stealing your designs? Introducing the Private Digital Catalog.

As a seller/exporter,  you can create a private online catalog for showing your new and popular designs to buyers and potential customers. The catalog can only be accessed by users whom you authorize. The buyers can view the products and optionally send an enquiry right from the product page. They can also mark designs as favorites.

Why should you use the Digital Catalog System?

As an exporter, you don’t want to publish all your important and popular designs on the open website as these may get copied. However, buyers need to see your work so that they can be impressed and place an order or start further discussion. A password protected digital catalog is the answer as you can provide access to buyers as per your choice and can revoke their access as and when needed.

You get detailed reports showing which buyer saw which designs helping you to gauge their interest.

Problems with the current process

If you have been emailing the designs to the buyers, you are never sure who is seeing them and who is not. You can also remove the old and obsolete designs. Updating a few designs and emailing to everyone who got the earlier photos is also a nightmare.

How the Digital Catalog System Works?

  • This is an online catalog where you create user accounts for your buyers who can access the system by logging in.
  • The buyers get to see all the items you have allowed access to, in a category-product hierarchy.
  • The buyer can also search for the products based on certain tags like New, Bright, Large etc.
  • There will be a provision for the buyer to mark certain designs as their favorite for further review and discussion.

The seller perspective

  • Add, edit and remove user accounts for buyers and prospects.
  • Add, edit and remove products at any time.
  • Send alert mails (optional) when new products are added.
  • See who has looked at which designs and get a market feedback about the popular designs.
  • Check who has marked which designs as their favorites.
  • Get enquiry direct from the system. Email based enquiries sometimes get misplaced. However, this system lets you see all the enquiries from a single console. You can also opt to receive a SMS whenever a new enquiry is submitted.
  • Provide all company information like bank details, courier details and registration numbers on a single page for the buyers to verify. This can be extremely useful to protect you from the fund diversion fraud. Just ask your buyers to review this page before making payment to a new bank account.

General Features

  1. The system is password-protected and highly secure. So your competitors cannot hack into the system to see the designs you have uploaded.
  2. The system is online and available 24×7 from anywhere.
  3. Your catalog resides on your server and therefore others don’t have access to the data and the console.
  4. The software can be hosted on our secure business class server if you so desire.
  5. Fully responsive design means it can be viewed from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.
  6. The system is highly optimized for fast loading speed.
  7. Provision for multiple system users with different rights. This allows you to assign users from your company for updation of the catalog.


Call Arun on 098310-27107 or contact us to discuss the benefits that your organization can get from this system.



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Do you keep waiting for a site to load fully if takes too long or simply click the back button? Page speed improvement is the first thing you should consider when working on better user experience.

There are several things we need to consider when working on this. We need to review and adjust web hosting settings as well as the content, specially the images to achieve the speed up.  You should be looking at the loading speed of the mobile version or the responsive site loaded on a mobile device. The speed counts much more there as the user might be on a slow 2G or 3G connection.

How fast does your page load now?

You can check the present performance at several places like this, this and this. While it is very difficult to get scores near 100, anything above 80 is good and above 90 will be fantastic. You can make the suggested changes yourselves or through your tech support guy. We also offer a page speed improvement service wherein we test the present performance to establish the baseline and then make the required changes resulting in the vastly improved performance.

Tip: Don’t delay this as the changes you make now will possibly increase your ranking and leads volume for a long time. The higher user satisfaction will be a cool bonus.


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The POS software from RanceLab includes end to end management of POS at a retail store. The FusionRetail Software has point-of-sale billing, inventory control, financial accounting, payroll and customer loyalty programs.

A single store or a chain of stores, the POS software improves the efficiency of your operations and increases your profits. With quick installation & fast implementation as part of the standard package, FusionRetail guarantees implementation within 10 days.

FusionRetail: All inclusive POS software

You get smaller checkout lines, better inventory control and higher ticket size per customer – all leading to more profits. The software contains in-built support for most of the barcode printers and scanners. Touch entry screens allow fast and accurate billing thereby reducing the wait times for the customers.

FusionRetail is a single platform that shields you from the complexity of maintaining separate software for POS, back-office and web store.

The software is beneficial for all types of retail stores including apparels and footwear, department stores & supermarkets. Fruits and vegetable stores, furniture and home decor retail shops, luggage stores, electronics and mobiles stores, spa and salon and speciality stores have also got great results.

Download a FREE demo copy and check out the benefits for yourself.

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Kolkata based software development company, PDS Infotech has launched TDSMAN, an eTDS return filing software for the fiscal year 15-16.

This is a popular software for TDS work and helps you to prepare and file returns for Forms 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ and print TDS & TCS certificates for Form 16, 16A & 27D.

The software also provides facility for prediction of defaults, bulk PAN verification, TDS interest calculation, auto download of CSI file during FVU generation, Integrated FVU generation & instant display of errors etc.

We are happy to help them ramp up their digital marketing efforts with optimisation of traffic generation, on-site conversion, funnel optimisation from visitor to free-trial user to customer and post sales follow up.

The software is very popular among the corporates, banking and insurance companies, government bodies and above all, the SMEs & individuals.

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We are now marketing WedPlan, an online wedding planning software, for end to end management of the weddings in your family.

If you are still managing your weddings with a paper diary or Excel sheet, you are doing it the hard way. An online software allows fast view and update option, from anywhere, anytime.

The team based approach of WedPlan allows your friends and family to update different aspects of the arrangements directly without passing on chits of paper to you. Upgrade to the modern and convenient online software and get more FREE time to enjoy the rituals of the wedding with family members. Kick the stress out and bring the pleasure in.

This video explains a few things that the software manages for you:

So what all does the software cover? Here are a few benefits of WedPlan:

* Guest lists can be imported from the Excel sheets (use them one last time).

* Ask your contacts to update their own data. Remove the biggest hassle from keeping things updated.

* Event based invites, cards and gifts – just click and select/deselect.

* Food menu for all occasions.

* Budget setting and tracking.

* Samagri lists.

* SMS and email invites.

* Gift management.

* Several important management reports.

* lots more features.

Every arrangement for your child’s marriage will be top class. The software to manage these arrangements should be top class too. Take a FREE, no-obligation demo and experience the convenience for yourself.

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We recently launched a video showing the special features of our business class web hosting for people who are wanting to host their web sites and emails on a high-end and reliable server. Please have a look.

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You have tons of very important digital assets on your computer. Those lovely photos of your adventure tour, the birthday party of your kid, a romantic anniversary or some cosy time spent with your sweetheart. May be scans of important documents? Have you ever thought what will happen to these if your hard disk crashes? Or God Forbid, there is a fire in your office building?

You need to have an offline place to store such digital assets so that they are safe in case an unforeseen situation causes you to lose your local copy on your hard disk. People have saved copies on CDs, DVDs and LAN servers but it is well known that at least one copy of the data must be kept off-site. Now you have a cheap option that is extremely reliable.

Consider saving a copy of the data on Amazon S3 (aptly called Simple Storage Service)  if you might need instant access when you need them. At a rough cost of about $0.11 per GB per month and a small access fee when you download your files, this is one cost effective solution, specially because you get reliability factor of 99.999999%. What’s more – this is completely maintenance free. You do not have to bother about testing your media once in a while and keeping them in a dry, safe location.

And if you can afford a delay of about 3-5 hours when you need to retrieve your data (this is really rare, right?), you can opt for Amazon Glacier which is even cheaper at $0.01 per GB. So storing 100 GB of data costs you $1 or about Rs 60 per month. Excellent storage option for your archival files which have to kept in a safe storage but you might never need them, except may be once in a lifetime.

Ask us to setup these storage options for you at a nominal consulting fee that covers installation of a free software and one time training on saving and retrieving your data!



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Today is 12-12-12. This unique combination will not happen again in this century. And we are celebrating!

Book any web hosting package today and we will offer a whopping 12+12+12 = 36% discount on our prices. What’s more! These prices get frozen for you lifelong. So you pay the same amount next year, in fact till the time you continue to host your websites with us.

Just to remind you, our servers have solid state hard disk (SSD) with a super fast performance, whether you have a static website or a dynamic one with extensive database usage.

Go ahead and check out the details here: 36% discount on web hosting!


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A few clients have received emails telling them that we have released a new settings file and that they should download this to use our hosting and email services.

We have not released any such file and won’t do so. We never send any email with .exe attachments. This is a spam email and please delete this immediately.If in doubt, feel free to call our support number (033) 22420071.

Shubh Services support team

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We have noticed that some people have received PDF attachments from unknown people with enticing subject lines and messages. Please do not open such attachments through your PDF viewer (Adobe Reader or Acrobat etc). You should immediately delete the mail if the sender is unknown.

There have been instances where these PDF documents have managed to install virus/Trojan on user computers once they are opened, using some vulnerabilities in the PDF reader software.

Play safe – open attachments from known people only.

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