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Today is 12-12-12. This unique combination will not happen again in this century. And we are celebrating!

Book any web hosting package today and we will offer a whopping 12+12+12 = 36% discount on our prices. What’s more! These prices get frozen for you lifelong. So you pay the same amount next year, in fact till the time you continue to host your websites with us.

Just to remind you, our servers have solid state hard disk (SSD) with a super fast performance, whether you have a static website or a dynamic one with extensive database usage.

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A few clients have received emails telling them that we have released a new settings file and that they should download this to use our hosting and email services.

We have not released any such file and won’t do so. We never send any email with .exe attachments. This is a spam email and please delete this immediately.If in doubt, feel free to call our support number (033) 22420071.

Shubh Services support team

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I have noticed that some people have recently complained about not getting their emails. On investigation, we found that their quota was all used up and that is why the emails could not be delivered – they were lying in the server queue waiting to be delivered.

Why does this happen? Most of the times, the problem lies with some users who do not check their mails regularly or leave a copy of the emails so that they can get a backup copy if something goes wrong. Naturally this consumes server space.

You can check who is using up how much space by accessing the Cpanel | Mail | Manage email accounts and clicking on disk usage. You can also check the disk usage option in the main Cpanel menu. This will give you an idea of where the space hogs are and how to clear up space so that the emails can be delivered smoothly.

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You might be knowing this already – our email system offers very powerful anti-spam features. While the Spamassassin system works very efficiently, the spammers have lots of resources at their disposal (funny that they don’t spend these in quality marketing) and keep inventing new ways to penetrate your shields. I invite you to try the email filters to get rid of some of these spam mails.

Login to the control panel (visit and click on the Mail Option. Then click on E-mail Filtering. Now click on Add filter.

Say you are getting lots of spam, all with the subject “someone wrote:”. Now if you are sick of these and think that nobody is going to write a genuine mail with ‘wrote:’ in the subject, you can create a filter for killing these spam mails.

  1. Login to Cpanel.
  2. Click on Mail.
  3. Click on email filtering.
  4. Click on Add filter.
  5. Select Subject in the first drop-down.
  6. Select contains in the next drop-down.
  7. Enter wrote: in the next field.
  8. Select discard in the next field.
  9. Click on Activate.

Now you will not be getting all the spam that someone wrote:  🙂

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When you have to send a large attachment to someone, consider uploading the file and sending the link to the recipient. There are several benefits to this approach —

1. The email clients and servers have become very strict on anti-spam policies. Several anti-virus software delete the attachment, even .zip files, if they suspect that it may have a virus. If you send the link instead, your client can download the file from your site and use it.

2. Say you are sending a 500 KB attachment to 5 people. You don’t want to put all the addresses in a single mail because that might expose one person’s address to the other and also don’t want to use BCC because that looks bad. So you send 5 individual emails.

Now 5 emails, each with 500 KB attachments have to be uploaded, taking considerable time. However if you upload this file to your server and then send the download link to these 5 people, you are only uploading the 500 KB file once, the emails will be small enough. Imagine the savings when you have to send this file to 50 or 100 customers.

3. If you send a large attachment like above, the recipient’s mailbox may get clogged. If he does not have enough free space, the mail may even bounce back to you. No problem when you just send the notification mail.

However, you should delete the uploaded file after a few days to avoid filling up all your allotted space after uploading a few such files.

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Are you sick and tired of receiving spam all the day long? We all are! And we have employed steps from simple and safe to extreme to reduce the clutter that the spam causes.

We have several tools to reduce spam considerably. Here is the most important tip for you:

You should eliminate the catch-all account. While it is a great thing to be able to receive a mail even if the sender mistyped your name, it is the biggest source of spam. You see, the spammers launch a dictionary attack most of the time. So they learn about the existence of your domain name and will send spam (selling Viagra, Vioxx and what not) to Tom, Dick and Harry (and Lisa and Mary) – the typical names that can exist in a domain.

If you have a catch-all account, you will be getting and downloading all these mails on your computer. On the other hand, if you turned off catchall, a mail to all these addresses will be returned by the server itself without bothering you.

You can do this from your Cpanel – if you don’t know how to, contact support.

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Hello there

As someone who has been dealing with blogs for a long time and after preaching to several companies about the need for a blog, I decided to take time out to set up a blog for Ebizindia also.

If you have bought any of our services or are planning to buy one, you will find ways to make a better use of the service and increase your return on investment.

Our support helps people get more benefit out of our web hosting, web promotion and other services. We will discuss some of those ways for you to profit from.

You might pick up a good tip, even if you are not an Ebizindia customer. So keep watching this space.

And thanks for stopping by 🙂


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