Page Speed Improvement – Better User Experience with Faster Sites

Do you keep waiting for a site to load fully if takes too long or simply click the back button? Page speed improvement is the first thing you should consider when working on better user experience.

There are several things we need to consider when working on this. We need to review and adjust web hosting settings as well as the content, specially the images to achieve the speed up.  You should be looking at the loading speed of the mobile version or the responsive site loaded on a mobile device. The speed counts much more there as the user might be on a slow 2G or 3G connection.

How fast does your page load now?

You can check the present performance at several places like this, this and this. While it is very difficult to get scores near 100, anything above 80 is good and above 90 will be fantastic. You can make the suggested changes yourselves or through your tech support guy. We also offer a page speed improvement service wherein we test the present performance to establish the baseline and then make the required changes resulting in the vastly improved performance.

Tip: Don’t delay this as the changes you make now will possibly increase your ranking and leads volume for a long time. The higher user satisfaction will be a cool bonus.