Disaster Recovery Planning: Are your digital assets backed up?

You have tons of very important digital assets on your computer. Those lovely photos of your adventure tour, the birthday party of your kid, a romantic anniversary or some cosy time spent with your sweetheart. May be scans of important documents? Have you ever thought what will happen to these if your hard disk crashes? Or God Forbid, there is a fire in your office building?

You need to have an offline place to store such digital assets so that they are safe in case an unforeseen situation causes you to lose your local copy on your hard disk. People have saved copies on CDs, DVDs and LAN servers but it is well known that at least one copy of the data must be kept off-site. Now you have a cheap option that is extremely reliable.

Consider saving a copy of the data on Amazon S3 (aptly called Simple Storage Service)  if you might need instant access when you need them. At a rough cost of about $0.11 per GB per month and a small access fee when you download your files, this is one cost effective solution, specially because you get reliability factor of 99.999999%. What’s more – this is completely maintenance free. You do not have to bother about testing your media once in a while and keeping them in a dry, safe location.

And if you can afford a delay of about 3-5 hours when you need to retrieve your data (this is really rare, right?), you can opt for Amazon Glacier which is even cheaper at $0.01 per GB. So storing 100 GB of data costs you $1 or about Rs 60 per month. Excellent storage option for your archival files which have to kept in a safe storage but you might never need them, except may be once in a lifetime.

Ask us to setup these storage options for you at a nominal consulting fee that covers installation of a free software and one time training on saving and retrieving your data!