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The POS software from RanceLab includes end to end management of POS at a retail store. The FusionRetail Software has point-of-sale billing, inventory control, financial accounting, payroll and customer loyalty programs.

A single store or a chain of stores, the POS software improves the efficiency of your operations and increases your profits. With quick installation & fast implementation as part of the standard package, FusionRetail guarantees implementation within 10 days.

FusionRetail: All inclusive POS software

You get smaller checkout lines, better inventory control and higher ticket size per customer – all leading to more profits. The software contains in-built support for most of the barcode printers and scanners. Touch entry screens allow fast and accurate billing thereby reducing the wait times for the customers.

FusionRetail is a single platform that shields you from the complexity of maintaining separate software for POS, back-office and web store.

The software is beneficial for all types of retail stores including apparels and footwear, department stores & supermarkets. Fruits and vegetable stores, furniture and home decor retail shops, luggage stores, electronics and mobiles stores, spa and salon and speciality stores have also got great results.

Download a FREE demo copy and check out the benefits for yourself.

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Kolkata based software development company, PDS Infotech has launched TDSMAN, an eTDS return filing software for the fiscal year 15-16.

This is a popular software for TDS work and helps you to prepare and file returns for Forms 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ and print TDS & TCS certificates for Form 16, 16A & 27D.

The software also provides facility for prediction of defaults, bulk PAN verification, TDS interest calculation, auto download of CSI file during FVU generation, Integrated FVU generation & instant display of errors etc.

We are happy to help them ramp up their digital marketing efforts with optimisation of traffic generation, on-site conversion, funnel optimisation from visitor to free-trial user to customer and post sales follow up.

The software is very popular among the corporates, banking and insurance companies, government bodies and above all, the SMEs & individuals.

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You might find updating your website a cumbersome job unless you have a full fledged Internet division. And most small to medium level companies cannot afford a dedicated Internet division. However we all know that it is essential to update the site regularly to –

  • attract repeat human visitors
  • appeal to the search engines

Here is an ideal solution for the Small and Medium Businesses like yours:

  1. Get a blog setup in a section of your website, say at www.yoursite.com/blog.
  2. Post news about all the developments, big or small, in your company and the industry, on the blog. Add some commentary or your views about the external events. Give them insights about new appointments at the senior level, new divisions you have opened and like.

Soon you will find that you are developing a loyal readership and your customers, prospects, investors and shareholders have started to watch your blog for updates.

Are blogs easy to update?

Yes, it is quite easy to post to a blog. When you make a new post (as easy as clicking on an option and writing something in a window like you do in Word), all the related tables of content get updated automatically without you needing to bother about any technical issues.

Benefits of blogging:

  • You can disseminate information about your company in a way that is favorable to your company.
  • You can collect feedback from the people by looking at their comments on your posts.
  • Improve branding by the extra exposure.

There are a few drawbacks too:

  • You will have to keep the blog updated. The best solution is to assign the update responsibility to a knowledgeable person at a fairly senior level. Or you can assign the responsibility to update the blog to an external agency like us.
  • Your competitors may try to sabotage your blog by posting negative comments. You can filter out the obviously spurious ones and respond to the genuine comments to set the record straight.

If you have got all fired up but not sure who will help you set up and manage the blog, I can help. Read the details about our blog setup service here.

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There are a lot of things you can do for your web site’s promotion and publicity. This includes directory submission, on-page optimisation and link exchange. However in my opinion, the best investment is setting up a blog. This provides several other advantages, as you can see below.

1. A frequently updated blog can make your site appear to be fresh and regularly updated. Search engines love such site and quickly index the new content.

2. It is really tricky to update the main site if you do not have a web maintenance contract with some web development agency or a freelancer. However you can add new content to your blog quite easily through a user-friendly interface.

3. You can make small and big announcements on your blog and the clients can get notified of the update through your announcement list or through the RSS Feed of the blog.

4. The new products can be announced on the blog as soon as they are available. You don’t need to wait for the agency to update the site to let your clients know about these new products.

5. Your blog can be submitted to the large number of blog directories – these result in quality incoming one-way links and add to your search engine reputation and ranking.

Our Linux hosting with support for PHP and MySQL is perfect for hosting WordPress based blogs. WordPress is considered as the most powerful blog software and is highly customisable.

It is FREE too – so you do not need to buy it. Just pay a small charge for setup and integration of the blog with your main site and optionally (highly recommended) get it promoted. All the details of the blog setup service are here. Learn about our Linux web hosting packages here.

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Hello there

As someone who has been dealing with blogs for a long time and after preaching to several companies about the need for a blog, I decided to take time out to set up a blog for Ebizindia also.

If you have bought any of our services or are planning to buy one, you will find ways to make a better use of the service and increase your return on investment.

Our support helps people get more benefit out of our web hosting, web promotion and other services. We will discuss some of those ways for you to profit from.

You might pick up a good tip, even if you are not an Ebizindia customer. So keep watching this space.

And thanks for stopping by 🙂


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