Private Digital Catalog for Selling Exclusive Products

Are you an exporter of consumer products like jute bags, canvas bags, jewellery etc? Do you want to share your latest designs with your regular and important buyers without the risk of the competitors stealing your designs? Introducing the Private Digital Catalog.

As a seller/exporter,  you can create a private online catalog for showing your new and popular designs to buyers and potential customers. The catalog can only be accessed by users whom you authorize. The buyers can view the products and optionally send an enquiry right from the product page. They can also mark designs as favorites.

Why should you use the Digital Catalog System?

As an exporter, you don’t want to publish all your important and popular designs on the open website as these may get copied. However, buyers need to see your work so that they can be impressed and place an order or start further discussion. A password protected digital catalog is the answer as you can provide access to buyers as per your choice and can revoke their access as and when needed.

You get detailed reports showing which buyer saw which designs helping you to gauge their interest.

Problems with the current process

If you have been emailing the designs to the buyers, you are never sure who is seeing them and who is not. You can also remove the old and obsolete designs. Updating a few designs and emailing to everyone who got the earlier photos is also a nightmare.

How the Digital Catalog System Works?

  • This is an online catalog where you create user accounts for your buyers who can access the system by logging in.
  • The buyers get to see all the items you have allowed access to, in a category-product hierarchy.
  • The buyer can also search for the products based on certain tags like New, Bright, Large etc.
  • There will be a provision for the buyer to mark certain designs as their favorite for further review and discussion.

The seller perspective

  • Add, edit and remove user accounts for buyers and prospects.
  • Add, edit and remove products at any time.
  • Send alert mails (optional) when new products are added.
  • See who has looked at which designs and get a market feedback about the popular designs.
  • Check who has marked which designs as their favorites.
  • Get enquiry direct from the system. Email based enquiries sometimes get misplaced. However, this system lets you see all the enquiries from a single console. You can also opt to receive a SMS whenever a new enquiry is submitted.
  • Provide all company information like bank details, courier details and registration numbers on a single page for the buyers to verify. This can be extremely useful to protect you from the fund diversion fraud. Just ask your buyers to review this page before making payment to a new bank account.

General Features

  1. The system is password-protected and highly secure. So your competitors cannot hack into the system to see the designs you have uploaded.
  2. The system is online and available 24×7 from anywhere.
  3. Your catalog resides on your server and therefore others don’t have access to the data and the console.
  4. The software can be hosted on our secure business class server if you so desire.
  5. Fully responsive design means it can be viewed from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.
  6. The system is highly optimized for fast loading speed.
  7. Provision for multiple system users with different rights. This allows you to assign users from your company for updation of the catalog.


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