Domain Booking


You own your domain. When you book a domain with us, either by asking us over the phone to book it or ordering by email or through the online system, you are the owner and we always make sure we honour that.

Sometimes the domain records will show our name because by default, the domain gets booked in our name and then we have to change that. Don’t get puzzled or confused. We have no intention to grab your domain name 🙂

There is only one exception to this. If you have not paid your dues despite several reminders, we reserve the right to restrict your edit access to the domain records. We will release it as soon as we have received a clear payment.

We feel very bad doing this and have only rarely done this but like everyone, we also have some clients who think we should run after them to get a few hundred rupees payment released. Please honour our time – we would rather spend that serving you.

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