A few clients have received emails telling them that we have released a new settings file and that they should download this to use our hosting and email services.

We have not released any such file and won’t do so. We never send any email with .exe attachments. This is a spam email and please delete this immediately.If in doubt, feel free to call our support number (033) 22420071.

Shubh Services support team

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You might be knowing this already – our email system offers very powerful anti-spam features. While the Spamassassin system works very efficiently, the spammers have lots of resources at their disposal (funny that they don’t spend these in quality marketing) and keep inventing new ways to penetrate your shields. I invite you to try the email filters to get rid of some of these spam mails.

Login to the control panel (visit and click on the Mail Option. Then click on E-mail Filtering. Now click on Add filter.

Say you are getting lots of spam, all with the subject “someone wrote:”. Now if you are sick of these and think that nobody is going to write a genuine mail with ‘wrote:’ in the subject, you can create a filter for killing these spam mails.

  1. Login to Cpanel.
  2. Click on Mail.
  3. Click on email filtering.
  4. Click on Add filter.
  5. Select Subject in the first drop-down.
  6. Select contains in the next drop-down.
  7. Enter wrote: in the next field.
  8. Select discard in the next field.
  9. Click on Activate.

Now you will not be getting all the spam that someone wrote:  🙂

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