"Does Press Equalizer Software Make
Writing and Distributing Press Releases
Any Easier?"

Dear website owner

Press Equalizer SoftwareWhy are the web site owners not tapping the enormous potential of online press releases despite knowing that online press releases can -

  • generate a burst of highly targeted traffic to your site for a few days?
  • create several one-way incoming links which are very vital for your search engine ranking?
  • create excellent branding for you because you have been covered by the press?

Press release writing and distribution is a dreaded activity for the average web site owners and they either avoid it altogether or assign this to experts who would charge a nice fee for this. Not any more…

Now you have a choice. Either you can spend lots of time mastering the press release formats and individual interfaces of the various online press distribution agencies.

Or you can invest a few dollars in Press Equalizer software and get a qualified assistant by your side, helping you to create your releases by providing you sample releases in various formats. You can then distribute these releases through several popular online distribution agencies, by using a simple interface.

Check out Press Equalizer here if you feel "time is money".


Yours in success
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P. S. Press releases can give you tremendous bang for your buck. The small investment is more than recovered with the extra branding and traffic that you get from these releases and as a bonus, your search engine ranking improves too. Curious? Explore this online press release tool while this is hot and fresh.