Protect Your Web Site From the IFrame Hack


I have noticed a growing trend of web site hacking which involves insertion of iframe based code in various pages of the sites, getting the site black listed in Google search results and resulting in a serious decline in the incoming traffic.

If any one tries to access the site through Firefox or with Google toolbar activated, the site is not allowed to be displayed and an error page is shown instead. This also hurts the credibility and goodwill of the site and your company.

You should keep a strict watch over your site so that you can get alerted as soon as this happens and you can take corrective action. One way is to open your own site at least once everyday with Firefox. Also you should search for your domain name (eg in Google and make sure that Google does not show a “This site could hurt your computer” type message with your listing.

In case you see this, you should immediately change the FTP password from a different computer (your computer might have been hacked too) and check all the source files (the files on the server) to locate the extra IFRAME code and delete that. After this has been done, you should also log in to Google Webmaster Tools and file a review report so that the warning is withdrawn.

If you find the above too complicated or geeky for your taste, you should contact your web master to arrange for this.

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