How much space do you need for your website?


When you are deciding on the space you require for your web hosting, you have to keep several things in mind. Here are a few of them-

1. Your total space will cover the web site space and all the email accounts. So you have to provide ample space so that emails for all the accounts can stay there till you download them.

2. We provide unlimited email accounts. However if you open 20 email accounts in 5 MB space, you can easily understand that there will be too little space for each account. So you should order enough space to provide a decent storage for each account.

3. It is possible to save a copy of incoming mails to any or all accounts, in a separate account. However if you do not download emails of this ‘archive account’ to some computer, soon it will overrun all the space in your account.

Recently a client had his 100 MB account full and was wondering how it can be. After scrutiny we realised, he had one such archive account. This alone was taking 81 MB because he had never downloaded the emails from this account.

4. You will need more space if you do not download your emails frequently. You can manage with much lesser space if you download quite frequently.

5. Similarly some people get only text type emails while others get large attachments with drawings and photos. This can be a factor too.

6. You can manage with lesser space if your web site has only few pages with a few photos. If you have several pages and photos with a bigger versions also (click here to enlarge type), you might be needing more space.

7. If you are using one or more databases, that will also take up space. Do a rough calculation about the number of records that you will store and the record size too. Keep ample margin.

That said, the rate per MB for hiring space on the web servers goes down with higher slabs. So it is not very expensive to go for one slab higher than what you think you will require.

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