Don’t send large attachments in email – upload instead


When you have to send a large attachment to someone, consider uploading the file and sending the link to the recipient. There are several benefits to this approach —

1. The email clients and servers have become very strict on anti-spam policies. Several anti-virus software delete the attachment, even .zip files, if they suspect that it may have a virus. If you send the link instead, your client can download the file from your site and use it.

2. Say you are sending a 500 KB attachment to 5 people. You don’t want to put all the addresses in a single mail because that might expose one person’s address to the other and also don’t want to use BCC because that looks bad. So you send 5 individual emails.

Now 5 emails, each with 500 KB attachments have to be uploaded, taking considerable time. However if you upload this file to your server and then send the download link to these 5 people, you are only uploading the 500 KB file once, the emails will be small enough. Imagine the savings when you have to send this file to 50 or 100 customers.

3. If you send a large attachment like above, the recipient’s mailbox may get clogged. If he does not have enough free space, the mail may even bounce back to you. No problem when you just send the notification mail.

However, you should delete the uploaded file after a few days to avoid filling up all your allotted space after uploading a few such files.

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