How to reduce spam in your email: Disable catchall email account


Are you sick and tired of receiving spam all the day long? We all are! And we have employed steps from simple and safe to extreme to reduce the clutter that the spam causes.

We have several tools to reduce spam considerably. Here is the most important tip for you:

You should eliminate the catch-all account. While it is a great thing to be able to receive a mail even if the sender mistyped your name, it is the biggest source of spam. You see, the spammers launch a dictionary attack most of the time. So they learn about the existence of your domain name and will send spam (selling Viagra, Vioxx and what not) to Tom, Dick and Harry (and Lisa and Mary) – the typical names that can exist in a domain.

If you have a catch-all account, you will be getting and downloading all these mails on your computer. On the other hand, if you turned off catchall, a mail to all these addresses will be returned by the server itself without bothering you.

You can do this from your Cpanel – if you don’t know how to, contact support.

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